WAVE started in NYC where local matches met throughout the city. However, we quickly recognized that an Advisor’s impact on a girl’s career trajectory can span every corner of the country.

As we continue to pilot this, here are some tips for remote sessions.

️1. Video Session > Phone Call

While it can be tempting to schedule a phone call, video chats help you focus and catch facial expressions or body language cues that you won’t want to miss. Here are two recommended programs:

  • Google Hangouts: A service that (almost) everyone has used before. Little known fact: you can actually screenshare.
  • Zoom: Want to whiteboard while also showing your lovely face? Zoom is easy to use, free and interactive.

Keep In Mind

For Advisor: Login / register to create a unique video URL link. Share that link beforehand via email or a calendar invite.

For Advisees: You should have a chance to prep! If you don’t get a link in time, reach out to your Advisor and ask for it.

2. Prepare A Bit Beforehand

The number one issue with video sessions? You guessed it — technical difficulties. To avoid any hiccups, test out your video and audio quality beforehand (with a friend or co-worker). If it’s not working, restarting your computer usually does the trick.

3. Embrace the Silence

Afraid of the awkward silence on video? We get it and we’ve been there. What we’ve found is that it’s best to embrace the silence. We all need a moment to think and gather our thoughts, and while silence feels a million times longer on video, it’s okay to give it second and start again

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