WAVE is a program designed for high school and college-aged women ages 15-22 year old. 

But I'll be turning 15 soon
If you will turn 15 during the cycle, reach out to us and we can help you sign up for now 👉🏾info@builtbygirls.com

I'm over 22 but still want to participate
Unfortunately, we are not accepting Advisees over 22 years old right now. There are lots of ways to grow your own network as a young woman! Here are some quick recommendations that have helped me over the years:

  • Be sure to ask professors and TAs if they know professionals who would be willing to sit down with you for a one-hour informational interview
  • Try joining campus groups that fit your professional interests. Our first connections are our peers who not only go on to great careers themselves but might know people already thriving in their careers.
  • Be sure to create a stellar LinkedIn profile so that you can keep connected with people you meet and provide a way for others to find you.
  • Look for conferences, festivals, and events that tap into your professional interests. Often they have student rates that are way more affordable (and if they don't, try asking first!) or opportunities for you to submit a proposal and go for free. Be sure to talk to people and snag their cards so you can find them on LinkedIn and grab coffee later.
  • There are other young professional groups depending on your interests, be sure to search around your area. Some examples are Lean In Circles, SWE, and Girl Develop It

Hope this all helps you! Thanks for being such a big fan of BUILT BY GIRLS. 

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