There’s no great excuse for missing a scheduled session, but we know that unexpected events happen 😪 If there is ever case where your match misses a session, find below are some tips you can use you to get your missed session rescheduled:

  • Send an email and/or even a text. This helps establish a personal connection and shows that you’re eager to actually meet. Ask to reschedule (Your match might be too embarrassed to ask after what happened) 📧 
  • Push back your next session (if needed). Already in contact with your Advisor/Advisee and it’s no big deal? Fab👌Just a reminder that each session has specific goals and content guides so don’t skip over Session 1 just because Session 2 is quickly approaching. We’re all for maintaining order 🙏

Find below is an email template you can use to reach out to your match, and get that missed session rescheduled 😎

Email Template 


How are you doing? I’m not sure what happened, but you didn’t show up for our BUILT BY GIRLS WAVE Session {number}. We scheduled it for {date} {time}. If you’re still interested, let’s reschedule it for another time. I’d love to tell you about my role at {company} and give you exposure to the possibilities in tech

In the case that your match does not respond to any of your messages, please fill this form. We will then reach out and fix the issue for you 💪

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