If you're looking to get in on the groundbreaking programs BUILT BY GIRLS offers you're in the right place! 

Our goal is to to arm young women or gender non-binary students in high school or college aged (15-22 years old) with the exposure, practical skills, and network necessary to land their first internship or job in tech. We are able to fulfill this goal through the exciting programs we offer. 

Whether you need help building the next big thing in tech or simply just want to explore the possibilities of a career in tech: Heck, even if you just want to visit cool companies like Snap Chat, Groupon, Pinterest, or Uber; BUILT BY GIRLS is here for you! Okay enough chat, time to get into what we can offer you.


WAVE is a 1:1 skills-based Advisor platform that arms girls with the exposure, skills and network they need to land their first job in tech.

Advisees are all young women or gender non-binary students in high school or college (15-22 years old).

Get matched with an advisor from exciting companies like Spotify, Amazon, Uber, Pixar and more. 

 Jump start your career in tech!


This event series offers an inside look at how the hottest tech companies create the powerful products we love. Past Hashtags have included IBM Watson: Tech of Cognitive Computing, Broadway: Tech of Show Biz, Spotify: Tech of Music.

Be the first to know about upcoming events in your area!

Wait, what happened to Girls Who Fund and the Challenge?

These two programs were the beginning of BUILT BY GIRLS and they helped us see that we could offer so much to more girls. To scale our impact, we built out WAVE and the Hashtag series. Because we are focusing all our energy on growing our community through these two programs, Girls Who Fund and the Challenge are currently on hiatus.

BUILT BY GIRLS wants to make sure we are setting up our community for success.
Please provide your feedback to this article so we can continue to support you! 

Keep building great things. 


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