BUILT BY GIRLS takes the safety of our girls seriously, which is why we conduct background checks for all of our potential advisors. In order to participate in the WAVE program all advisors must undergo a background check through Checkr. 

What's Checkr ?  

Checkr provides modern and compliant background checks for global enterprises and startups. Checkr's mission is to deliver the best applicant experience by having: 

Mobile-Friendly Service 📱

Checkr leverages their technology expertise to make it easier for applicants to submit information wherever they are, using their preferred device.

Responsive Support 👩🏽‍💻

U.S.­-based support is available for applicants during standard business hours.

Real­-Time Tracking 📳

Tracking Applicants can track the status of their background checks in real time. 

Need to know info ℹ️

  • The background check includes verifying your Social Security Number (SSN), a sex offender search, a watchlist search and national criminal search. 
  • To participate in the WAVE program all potential Advisors must undergo the check. [Also, the reason the form says AOL is because BUILT BY GIRLS is an AOL social impact brand]. 
  • If you do not have a SSN you are not eligible to participate in the WAVE program. 
  • Checkr knows how valuable your security is and they have your best interest in mind; you can read more about their security here. As well as their encryptions and certifications.
  • For more info on Checkr click here
  • Nervous about inputting your PII on the BUILT BY GIRLS site? Go straight to the source and complete your background check on the Checkr site directly.

BUILT BY GIRLS wants to make sure we are setting up our community for success.
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