How Does WAVE Work?

By signing up for WAVE you agree to become an Advisor for one year. You’ll meet 3 girls in a year, working with each of them separately and scheduling monthly meetings based on your availability. You’ll be matched with a 15-22yo student interested in learning your role and career path. 

Where Do We Meet?

We have Advisees on WAVE all across the country. If she’s in your city she’ll come to your office, if she lives remotely you’ll chat via video conference. Either way you’ll meet for 1 hour per month for 3 months according to your schedule. After 3 months you’ll switch to a new Advisee.

Is WAVE Only in Certain Cities?

WAVE is nationwide so anyone within the US can join as an Advisor or Advisee. We offer in-person and remote matching; with remote matches meeting over video conference (we recommend Zoom and Google Hangout for the session). In-person matches currently happen in LA, SF/Bay Area, Seattle, Chicago, and New York. But hundreds of users are in other major US cities.

We grow to new cities with each new WAVE.

Are Men Allowed to be Advisors?

Yup! We welcome women, men, and gender non-binary Advisors on the WAVE. 

Tell Me More About the Girl

Advisees are all young women or gender non-binary students in high school or college (15-22 years old). Our community is racially and socioeconomically diverse so each of your 3 Advisees will most likely be very different from one another. Some know exactly what they want to pursue career wise, and others may have no idea. WAVE sets out to educate girls on the various opportunities available to them. Check the video below to hear from an actual WAVE match.

What Do We Talk About?

Share the story that led you to your current job. Share what obstacles you faced, what sparked your interest, and what skills you mastered to get there. BUILT BY GIRLS’ WAVE platform will also guide your sessions together with materials focusing on your specific experience and expertise, making sure you have a meaningful conversation. No awkward silences here.

What Do I Do?

The goals of the program are simple. 

  1. Exposure: Help your Advisee navigate the tech world—you don’t have to be an expert in all things, just bring your personal experience and passion. Your background will expose her to a world of new options and set her on the path to being a rockstar in her first job.
  2. Skill-based Learning: What are the tools that power what you do in your role? From productivity  documents to networking secrets. Share the tips and tricks that will get her ahead of the game. 
  3. Network: Commit to making at least two relevant professional intros for your Advisee. These connections will help her build her very first network in tech.
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