What's the commitment?

By signing up you commit to a year on WAVE. There are three WAVE cycles in a year: Spring (Feb - Apr), Summer (May -Jul), and Fall (Sept - Nov), with a few of breaks in between.

Can an Advisor or Advisee sign up for WAVE at anytime?

Yep, we accept applicants all year. An interested Advisor or Advisee will be placed on a waiting list until the next WAVE cycle begins.

What is the screening process for Advisors?

All Advisors must apply for WAVE and complete our required background check prior to joining the program.

What are the requirements for Advisees?

Advisees must be between 15-22 years old and identify as female or gender non-binary. If under 18 years old, the Advisee must have parental consent before joining WAVE.

What if an Advisee shares sensitive information with their Advisor? (i.e. School Bullying)

We recommend the Advisor share the information with BUILT BY GIRLS as soon as possible so we can act accordingly.

What if an Advisee or Advisor is unable to participate in a WAVE cycle?

Totally understand, these things happen. An Advisor or Advisee can simply pause their account by filling out this form.

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